Italian Discus was born in 2001 in Milan, from the experience and passion of Cristian Roncato. An interest for the discus born to 14 years, which led him to study and compare with the largest breeders in the world, thus accumulating an exceptional wealth of experience.

Contacts with foreign breeders already begin with the presence at the first edition of Duisburg (1996). In those years Cristian Roncato started importing specimens from all over the world.

In 1997 the participation in aquarama, in Singapore, gives him the opportunity to visit the major breeding farms in Southeast Asia together with Jack Wattley, Bing Seto and Giulia Mann – the most important American breeders – and with the support of Shifullah Yeng (Nura Discus ).

In 1998 in Milan Cristian Roncato participated in his first competition and obtained with his specimens the first and third place. Jack Wattley, the only judge in the competition, then visited his farm and was struck by the number and color of some couples. In the years Italian Discus consolidates contacts and partnerships with the most important world breeding (Stendker, Gobel, Shulten, Wolf, Schnaider, Chai discus, Simon Pak).

Today, with its 70,000 liters of water and over 350 tanks, Italian Discus is in effect one of the major Italian companies in the field of discus breeding, chosen as the only Wayne discus center for Italy.

With Italian Discus Cristian Roncato has created a team of qualified experts: Italian professionals in the breeding of discus.