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The extraordinary Italian Discus plant allows the reproduction, growth and maintenance of thousands of fish in optimal conditions. 

Whether wild discus, Pigeon Blood, spotted eruption or any other breed, the plant allows to recreate the best conditions that favor a healthy and natural development.

Our fish are raised with utmost care regarding the chemical composition of water and food.

Italian Discus

Italian Discus offers the opportunity to buy all the varieties on the market and also the latest news: bright turquoise, red melon, pigeon red spider, blue diamond, checker board heckle, white diamond, white & red, leopard snake skin, leopard Maze, spotted eruption, violet reflection, blue knight, wild catch and many others.

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Do Goldfish Eat Shrimp?

So, you want to add shrimps to your goldfish’s diet. But you’re wondering, “Do goldfish eat shrimp?” Well, goldfish are carps. And just like any other carps, goldfish are omnivores. In their natural habitat, that is in the wild, goldfish eat plants, insects such as small crustaceans, zooplankton, mosquito larvae and detritus (detritus is the animal matter and the dead remains of plants and animals that collect at the bottom)

How often should you feed your tropical fish?

Tropical fish with their vibrant colors are a good option to be had as pets. Relatively easy to care for, with the right amount of awareness and caution, they can do well in community tanks. While you need to take into consideration several factors such as the fish tank capacity, fish compatibility, and cleanliness of the tank, you also need to be aware of their feeding habits.

Can You Mix Cichlids With Tropical Fish?

Every natural being present has their specific niche. No two species share the same niche. It is how the mother nature works for the best survival and growth of all living creatures. Fishes are one of the most abundant creatures in the ocean,and there exists several thousands of varieties, freshwater and the saline water, and no two variety of fish share a common niche. When it comes to an artificial system, for rearing and breeding of fishes, we need to take care of specific important points. So, let’s try to answer if can you mix cichlids with tropical fish?

How Long Are Tropical Fish Pregnant For

Tropical fish are wonderful animals that inhabit tropical environments around the world. They stand out for their bright colors, and that makes them the most popular fish when it comes to creating an aquarium at home or anywhere else. Most of the tropical fish used to inhabit aquariums come from export centers or hatcheries.

Best Tropical Fish To Start With

It is arguable that pets are better companions than human beings- they won’t argue with you, they won’t leave you for someone else,and they don’t care what you look like at any time of the day. Whether this is your first pet since your childhood goldfish or if you just have no time to look after a pet that needs walks and will shed fur everywhere, a tropical fish will be perfect for you. Tropical fishes are fish that live in waters near the Equator, regardless of whether they are freshwater, saltwater or euryhaline (fish that can live in both saltwater and freshwater) fish. The phrase ‘tropical fish’ may sound intimidating, especially to people who have absolutely no experience in keeping pets- and these fears are not entirely unfounded, as some breeds of fishes require a lot of individual attention and care. Worry not, however, because here is a list of the best tropical fish to start with and all the tips you need to know to start your aquarium.

Types Of Tropical Fish That Can Live Together

Tropical fish, especially the freshwater variety, are a popular choice for aquariums because of their bright colors. But when it comes to having different fish in the same tank, their compatibility needs to be taken into consideration. Choosing species of fish to be kept together is an important decision. You needto take into account the aesthetics that you have in mind and also the fact that you don’t want fish fighting or killing each other. Hence, it is important to consider various factors before deciding the types of fish for your aquarium.

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food?

Goldfish are the first pet experience most of us had. They don’t require that much attention or maintenance and are pretty easy to keep alive and healthy. They are perfect pets for kids, and people that don’t have a lot of time or commitment to look after another living creature. Plus, they are relatively cheap, and pretty to look at.

But this accessibility makes people consider feeding their goldfish something other than food that has been marketed specifically for them. Sometimes we can’t find goldfish-specific food, or we simply don’t have the time to look for it, sometimes it can even be too expensive. Which brings us to one popular question among goldfish owners: can goldfish eat tropical fish food? Keep reading to find out more.

Fish Tank and Children: Safety Measures

Fish are a relatively low maintenance option for having a pet in the house. You feed them, and you look at them swimming around in the aquarium. There is just the responsibility of keeping the tank clean and the water inside at the right temperature for the fish, and you are good to go. Happily, ever after.But bring children into the equation, and everything changes. With a fish tank and children in the same household, safety is of paramount importance. Do consider the below points to keep your child and your fish tank safe.

Top 5 Most Endangered Fish Species that might Disappear Soon

Endangered Fish Species

Fish is one among the species that go for a lot of catch every year, and doubtlessly some of the species become endangered, and their existence becomes a question mark. Though a lot of measures are taken by different departments, sometimes it becomes highly impossible to save a particular species from going into extinction. So here we have listed the top 5 most endangered fish species. Bluefin Tuna: Bluefin Tuna is one of the largest growing fish in terms of size. It can grow unto 10 feet and can roughly weigh about 1400 pounds. The main reason for their extinction is the hunting habits that prevail amidst the commercial fishermen. The rate of one Bluefin tuna can go up to one lakh dollars. It is highly influencing the commercial fishermen…

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