Fish is one among the species that go for a lot of catch every year, and doubtlessly some of the species become endangered, and their existence becomes a question mark. Though a lot of measures are taken by different departments, sometimes it becomes highly impossible to save a particular species from going into extinction. So here we have listed the top 5 most endangered fish species.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna:

Bluefin Tuna is one of the largest growing fish in terms of size. It can grow unto 10 feet and can roughly weigh about 1400 pounds. The main reason for their extinction is the hunting habits that prevail amidst the commercial fishermen. The rate of one Bluefin tuna can go up to one lakh dollars. It is highly influencing the commercial fishermen to hunt on the Bluefin tuna. The Bluefin tuna belongs to the fighter category. This species is known to travel 1000 miles across the ocean.

Maltese Ray:

With the hunting habits of men, the nature of this species itself is causing it to become an endangered species. It belongs to the slow-growing category, and it matures late. But the biggest drawback of all is that they don’t interest fishermen in any way. This probably doesn’t look like a drawback. But if you learn a little more about it, these are sized small, and they might get into the trap quite easily. Though they are thrown back, they are mostly in dead, or half dead state and chances of them surviving goes down. They have largely gone down in numbers and exist only in small water bodies.

Goliath Grouper:

It is a widely known fact that the grouper varieties are usually a little extinct in nature, but this particular grouper named the Goliath has gone way too endangered. Also, this is quite similar to the previous type we spoke about that is the Maltese Ray. The reproduction system is quite slow in these species causing them to become much more endangered as they die even before they can replicate in huge numbers.

European Eel:

Again fishing habits of the people play a major role in endangering the life of these species. In fact, the fishing habits are quite overboard when it comes to hunting the European eel. When the hunting habits are way beyond the limit, this restricts and collapses the reproduction cycle of the fish and prevents it from growing in numbers. The European eel can exist only in the freshwater but if the way is blocked or a face any threat and unknowingly get to salt water the die soon.

Bocaccio Rockfish:

Again Bocaccio Rockfish is one of the largest endangering species due to the lack of time that they get for multiplying in number. With the motto the save this species from reaching the endangered state a lot of fisheries were also closed by the government, but the desired results aren’t achieved yet. It can take about ten decades for their recovery but there high chances that in the meantime they can go extinct.

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