So, you want to add shrimps to your goldfish’s diet. But you’re wondering, “Do goldfish eat shrimp?” Well, goldfish are carps. And just like any other carps, goldfish are omnivores. In their natural habitat, that is in the wild, goldfish eat plants, insects such as small crustaceans, zooplankton, mosquito larvae and detritus (detritus is the animal matter and the dead remains of plants and animals that collect at the bottom) – even tropical fish food.

No matter which brand of high-quality goldfish food you buy, none of them will have all the nutrients and vitamins that your goldfish would find in its natural wild habitat. It will eventually prevent it from leading a healthy life. So,to provide proper nutrition to your goldfish, you should include three types of food in your goldfish’s diet – dry food, live or freeze-dried food and green veggies.

Live and freeze-dried food is an excellent source of protein for your goldfish.You can easily spot these at your local pet store. Pet stores usually sell daphnia, tubifex worms, krill, planktons, cyclops, glass worms, blood worms, aquarium snails and shrimps.

Remember we told you that goldfish eat small crustaceans. Well, shrimps are crustaceans. So, if you are still wondering “Do goldfish eat shrimp?”, then read on.

You might have noticed that if you introduce goldfish into a fish tank that has shrimps, then after some days the shrimps disappear. It is because when the goldfish grow more prominent, they feast on those shrimps.

Pet stores usually sell brine shrimps and mysis shrimps as goldfish food. Shrimps are high in protein and contain enzymes that will help your goldfish in better digestion of food. Shrimps are also soft and easily digestible.

It is essential because goldfish don’t have stomachs. They can’t store the food for a long time or in large amounts,and the entire process of digestion such as breaking down the food and absorbing nutrients is carried out by different parts of their intestines.

Using their several small teeth in their jaws and their throat, goldfish easily grip and tear the food. They mainly use their teeth for grinding the food before sending it to the intestines for digestion. Thus, soft plants and shrimps make it easier for them to digest.

So, the answer to your question “Do goldfish eat shrimp?” would be a yes!

Goldfish eat brine shrimps, mysis shrimps, red cherry shrimps, ghost shrimps, Amano shrimps. If goldfish flakes and pellets constitute the staple food for your goldfish, then you should include live and freeze-dried foods only once or twice a week. Not more than that.

It is because the flakes and the pellets are a rich source of proteins and fats. And so are the live and freeze-dried foods. Too much protein is never good for your fish. Include soft green vegetables so that your goldfish gets the fibre. Just like our diet, there should always be a balance between proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, fats, vitamins and minerals in your goldfish’s diet as well.

Check out this video of Goldfish eating shrimp:

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