Every natural being present has their specific niche. No two species share the same niche. It is how the mother nature works for the best survival and growth of all living creatures. Fishes are one of the most abundant creatures in the ocean,and there exists several thousands of varieties, freshwater and the saline water, and no two variety of fish share a common niche. When it comes to an artificial system, for rearing and breeding of fishes, we need to take care of specific important points. So, let’s try to answer if can you mix cichlids with tropical fish?

When it comes to the rearing of cichlids, which are salt-water fishes, that is present in a variety of colors, like pink, orange,etc. (the tropical fishes are dull in color) in the depth of oceans. Cichlids are peaceful, but during spawning time they become quite aggressive. They can be put in a community tank with other fishes of different varieties. Cichlids present in different waters of different regions have different behavior patterns, and accordingly, different types of other tropical fishes can be reared together.

The essential guidelines which are required to be followed to make cichlids with tropical fishes are:

  • Cichlids have territorial issues and are quite aggressive. A certain amount of diet is needed on a daily basis,and at times they become quite messy. You need to keep cleaning the tank very frequently.
  • Cichlids are very expensive,and you need to spend a right amount of dollar for the daily feed for just one cichlid, the tanks also need to be 55 + gallons, whereas in case of tropical fish 55 gallons is more than enough where you can have avariety of fishes.
  • Cichlids have a significant water requirement, habitat, feeding. You need to do a lot of research before mixing cichlids with tropical fishes, as a single cichlid might end up eating your tropical fishes in the aquarium. So, you need to buy a cichlid which is peaceful.
  • Oscar, a variety of cichlid, can chomp up a goldfish very quickly, even in its juvenile phase. And more than 60 gallons of water.
  • The South American and the African Lakes cichlids are easy to take care of and can be put together along with different varieties of tropical fishes. The tank needs to be compatible.
  • Some tropical fishes are very compatible with cichlids. Some tropical fishes can easily handle cichlids, while others die off, or get diseased.
  • The community of cichlids is pretty much mesmerizing. Any edition of most of the other types of tropical fishes leads to their death. So, one has to risk with the money and the aquarium that they are getting for breeding this fish together.
  • Compatible tank mates need to be researched to put this two variety of fishes together. Few other fishes that can get best along with cichlids are toothy, aggressive, and territorial as well. They should be good in naturally exploring those parts and corners of the aquarium area which are not used by cichlids. The tropical fishes to be read together should be very fast and aggressive.
  • Cichlids are open water swimmers,and they freely roam about on the shallow areas of the water, and on the free To choose a tropical fish, you need to go for a fish which prefers the side area or the bottom area of the fish tank and does not intervene the path of cichlids. If the territorial fish is peace-loving, it will quickly become the meal of cichlids. Catfishes are one such variety of fish that can typically coexist along with cichlids. There are some types of catfishes all over the world. You can make a combination of South American cichlid with South American catfish or an African catfish with an African kind of cichlid. Fast, aggressive and healthy catfishes go well with cichlids.

Your level of success in answering if can you mix cichlids with tropical fish depends upon how best you have completed the research. To make both the varieties drive in the same water body, you need to take care many aspects.For example, the pH of the water, the temperature of the water, how well it is oxygenated, the salinity of the water, what is the level of activity shown by the fishes in your aquarium, did it reduce from day 1? These are the necessary things you need to go through before combining the two varieties.

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